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Meta-Lite can provide all of your architectural & ornamental metal needs from one entrance gate to a hundred toll booths, our fully outfitted shop utilizes the latest fabrication machine technologies coupled with an experienced workforce to keep the artisans touch alive.
Our engineering department can quickly detail a concept or work with your engineers and architects. We welcome inquiries for fabricated metals and offer the design, engineering, fabrication and contracting services to see your project from inception to completion.

your employees, clients, interests and assets and the public. Meta-Lite protection booths, cells, rooms and buildings are installed at military base entrances, sensitive information data centers, public transportation hubs and within these arteries.
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thousands of people a day, 7 days a week, enlist our fabrications to guide them to and from where they need to be within the largest and most sophisticated transportation agencies. But we also produce train and bus shelter passenger waiting enclosures.
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safety and efficiently is what good toll and parking booth fabrication is all about.
Meta-Lite also assists in the next generation configurations of booths and plazas to implement electronic and video tolling & supplies parts, accident repairs and retrofits.
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